Here at SMS Associates we have an unwavering commitment to our clients and are steadfast in our professionalism, performance, and attention to detail.

Our affiliated clearing services provide you with the flexibility you need to grow your business. Our approach goes beyond the traditional.

SMS Associates has built a team comprised of some of Asia’s top talent. Our focus and unparalleled sales and trading expertise have created ...

SMS Associates is an investment firm based in Hong Kong, with a secondary office located in Seoul, South Korea that prides itself on its entrepreneurial spirit. Our research analysts and investment advisors seek out companies that are undervalued by others in the market, yet have strong fundamentals, proven management plus the potential for rapid growth. SMS Associates provides our clients with the opportunity to meet with qualified investors in both the institutional and retail markets to engage in investment opportunities.

At SMS Associates, we continually strive to enhance our service offerings, providing clients with comprehensive research and investment ideas that are sound and profitable. We believe our greatest strength lies in our highly skilled and dedicated employees who are supported by a positive and fast paced work environment that promotes creativity, performance and efficiency.

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