Institutional Trading:

SMS Associates has built a team comprised of some of Asia’s top talent. Our focus and unparalleled sales and trading expertise have created a powerful domestic and international distribution capability that has lead to a consistently high level of client satisfaction.

Even the best ideas can be worthless without effective research and savvy trading. Our Institutional Trading and Sales Group specializes in both these areas and offers its services to its extensive network of international investors. By combining in-depth research to identify promising emerging companies with well-timed trading strategies, SMS Associates provides clients with competitive performance in today’s global marketplace.

Retail Trading:

SMS Associates is able to offer the same unparalleled services to both its individual investors and its larger institutional clients. The SMS Associates team focuses on providing its clients with in-depth analysis of specific companies and industries, expert advice and experienced traders so that each investor can realize his/her goals. SMS Associates’ investment advisors apply what we find in research by offering timely advice suited to each client's goals.

Portfolio Management:

SMS Associates Securities Portfolio Management offers customized equity, fixed income and balanced portfolios for individuals, corporations and foundations with a minimum of $500,000 in investable assets. Through our global network SMS Associates provides unique and innovative investment management services to clients across the world.

Furthermore, SMS Associates offers customized solutions with no mutual funds or pooled products. Your portfolio will consist of securities that you own directly. We believe in a global outlook, which is backed by our 10 year involvement in the capital markets. SMS Associates prides itself on unparalleled customer service. Your relationship will be with an SMS Associates portfolio manager who is responsible for all aspects of your portfolio. Each SMS Associates portfolio manager has extensive investment management experience. Additionally, our reporting procedures are timely and thorough.

Equity Capital Markets:

SMS Associates' Equity Capital Markets (ECM) division is pivotal in connecting SMS Associates clients to profitable investment opportunities. The group handles all aspects of the marketing, distribution, and reporting of new issues that are sourced through SMS Associates.

The Equity Capital Markets division provides clients with Initial Public Offerings, Secondary Offerings and a variety of Private Placements that are related to our core competencies of mining, oil and gas, technology, biotechnology and telecommunications.

Market Summary